Hello everybody !

Welcome to the Photinbox website.

We take your photos with constant light of 13000 ± 100 Lumens, retouch them and add a white background with a light shadow.

We are equipped with Nikon equipment.
We take packshots of your products for professional quality images.
Packshot photos are essential to showcase your products on your e-commerce site or in your product catalogs. Remember to present your new collections with clear, readable visuals and with white backgrounds, it's our daily life! By trusting us for the shooting of your items, you will be assured of having professional quality photos that will advance your sales and enhance your brand image.
On various white, plexiglass or personalized backgrounds, the photos you will have will highlight your products and can be used on all media, print or internet. the quality delivered makes it possible to restore all the details of the object photographed, we will adapt the format and quality to your needs. Our small, versatile and flexible team allows us to ensure very short lead times.
If you wish, we can take care of a logistics connection by courier to take your products or objects to be photographed.
For all your snapshot needs, trust our specialized Pack shot agency and contact us.